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Feel behind in telling
your story?

Frustrated and need a plan?

Mackenzie will guide you in using storytelling for:

Leadership | Sales | Recruitment | Retention | Growth



The value of a clear and compelling story is immense.


22 times

Research shows you’re 22 times more likely to remember a story than facts and figures alone.

50 percent

Nonprofits have seen donations increase up to 50 percent by sharing a story of personal impact.

80 percent

Up to 80 percent of customers say they’ll engage with a company because of their story.


We don’t just care about your story.
We care about you.

Experience the difference.


15 Years as a journalist

Thousands of stories told

Millions reached



Strategic Storytelling Services


Story Retreat

Gain clarity on your next steps by understanding and telling your company's story.

Story Strategy

Develop a strategy to reach your ideal audience and a plan to start telling your story well.



Consistently tell quality stories in a way that will make your unique story known.



Our approach to Strategic Storytelling



Stop wasting money on ineffective advertising when you could be marketing on your own media channels. Start telling your story to your ideal audience. More.


Today, every company is a media company. As the Chief Storytelling Officer, Mackenzie will tell your story well, with video, written, social media and marketing collateral. More.



Consistently telling quality stories is critical to your success. Equip your team with the tools they need to launch your strategic storytelling plan. Private workshops are customized for your goals for verbal, online and other storytelling mediums. More.



How it works

Working with Mackenzie is simple.



Book a complimentary consultation and talk one-on-one with Mackenzie about your goals.


Mackenzie will work with you for a Story Retreat, a Story Strategy or on an ongoing Storytelling basis.


Start telling your strategic story to reach your business goals.




Mackenzie’s coaching and training definitely helped me to hone my storytelling skills, which has been a great benefit for my corporate training and speaking career!
— Brenda McGuire, President & CEO, WorldWide Connect
I was excited to learn the techniques of purposeful, personal, short storytelling directly from one of the founders of the local Storyteller Project, Mackenzie Ryan. I truly enjoyed every aspect of the workshop.
— Paul Doyle, business owner
The workshop allowed me to prepare the story and practice telling it so it can be shared in real life.
— Dawn Schneider, writer


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