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Don’t confuse your customers.

Jumbled messages.
Stories without purpose.
No clear call to action.

You have once chance.

Are you telling your story well?


We don’t just care about your story.
We care about you.

Experience the difference.


15 Years as a journalist

Thousands of stories told

Millions reached



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How it works:



Book a free consultation and talk one-on-one with Mackenzie about your goals.


Mackenzie will craft a program to custom-fit your needs.


Together, you’ll execute the program and reach your goals.




Mackenzie Ryan is a master in helping others master storytelling. Whether you are in the corporate, faith-based or non-profit world, you will benefit from Mackenzie’s coaching and training on how to effectively share stories with your audience. She definitely helped me to hone my storytelling skills which has been a great benefit for my corporate training and speaking career!
— Brenda McGuire, President & CEO, WorldWide Connect
I was excited to learn the techniques of purposeful, personal, short storytelling directly from one of the founders of the local Storyteller Project, Mackenzie Ryan. I truly enjoyed every aspect of the classes, workbook, training, practicing and final night of presenting our stories together to a live audience.
— Paul Doyle, business owner
Writing the story was not at all challenging. I prayed and then I wrote. The challenge was in the telling of it. Thankfully, the workshop provided multiple opportunities to share. It has allowed me to prepare the story and practice telling it so it can be shared in real life.
— Dawn Schneider, writer


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